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What do you do for a living?

Outside of being a Scuba Instructor, I am the Managing Partner and commercial real estate attorney for my own law firm, Grafitti Rosensteel Hall & Szajna, LLC.

How did you get into diving?

My first introduction to scuba diving was by participating in a Discover Scuba® Diving experience off the Big Island, Hawaii. 

What is your favorite dive destination?

My favorite dive destination is the Cayman Islands.

What is your favorite marine life to dive with?

Although I, like Blue Mind Divers, am a friend of the ocean and all of its inhabitants, my favorite marine life is any type of Octopus. 

What is your favorite part about teaching people how to scuba dive?

My favorite part of teaching Scuba diving is the satisfaction that comes from helping new divers broaden their horizons, and gain access to a new and exciting world that was previously off limits, which is particularly satisfying when the new divers are children.  I am a wanderer.  Come dive with Blue Mind Divers!