Chuck Gatti

chuck gatti


What do you do for a living?

General Dentist been practicing for 27 years in Glendale/Peoria. Married for 34 years to high school sweetheart, we have two boys 26 & 33 that both are dive masters and enjoy diving, along with their wives and my grandson, we are one big SCUBA family.

How did you get into diving?

My wife and I started Diving in 1998, my friend had traded a water softener for Scuba classes, we decided to give it try and been diving ever since. I kept my Continuing Education process and became an Instructor in 2006. My youngest son was one of the first 10 year olds to be certified in 2002, when PADI lowered the minimum age.

What is your favorite dive destination?

My favorite place to dive is Cozumel Mexico that my #SCUBAMafia friends and I go 3-4x/year, We Charter a boat with Dive Paradise that works closely with our shop. Hopefully you will join us me on a trip or two, because everyone is always welcome and has a great experience.

What is your favorite marine life to dive with?

I love making Scuba videos and editing them to music, my favorite animal to film are Turtles (Crush), because they are so peaceful and graceful underwater. Check out some videos on my YouTube page Underwaterdiver.

What is your favorite part about teaching people how to scuba dive?

 I enjoy teaching because when our students take a breath for the first time underwater, and realize they can swim with all the amazing sea life, it just makes me want to dive and teach more.