How did you get into diving?

My girlfriend at the time, now my wife, was going on a trip to Hawaii when I met her. She told me I had to get scuba certified so I could go scuba diving with her. She got me into diving and I've never looked back, one of the best choices I've ever made. Scuba diving was the second best choice!

What is your favorite dive destination?

Wow, tough question. For local area dives I love the whole Kelp Forrest area around Catalina Island. It's always a short fairly in expensive trip to have a good time with friends. For a fantastic over all dives destination for me so far is probably Palau. Long trip, but well worth it for the diving. Lots of things to see from big to small and small challenges that will make you a better diver.

What is your favorite marine life to dive with?

So I love turtles, but who doesn't! If I had to chose just one, I have to say puffer fish! There are so many different kinds, like them all, but I'm partial to porcupine puffer fish.

What is your favorite part about teaching people how to scuba dive?

To share with others the love for scuba, but also teaching others who truly have a love for the ocean as much as I do. Being in the big blue reminds you how small you truly are in this world. As divers, we need to not only enjoy what's in front of us, but also learn to respect it and educate others. When they get the "scuba bug", you can always see it in their eyes!