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scuba diving RETAIL gear

Blue Mind Divers’ retail offering consists of various brands, but we specialize in brands distributed by Huish Outdoors, aqua lung and tusa


In addition to Huish Outdoors, Aqua Lung and Tusa products, among other brands, we carry Pinnacle wetsuits, Lavacore dive skins, Fourth Element dive boots, Sealife cameras and equipment, and Trident, Innovative and XS Scuba accessories. Blue Mind Divers also carries many products used for snorkeling and general watersports. 

We can also special order items for our customers from virtually all scuba brands, so stop into Blue Mind Divers, and let us know how we might be able to assist you with any scuba diving gear needs. 


scuba diving gear SERVICING

Blue Mind Divers is an authorized service center for all Huish Outdoors brands.  Please call us about pricing and servicing time frames.  

Blue Mind Divers  602-601-6114


scuba diving gear RENTALS


Blue Mind Divers offers a full complement of scuba diving rental gear that can either be rented as a complete package, or individual items as needed.  

Our complete scuba diving rental gear package includes:

Two tanks  |   Weight bag  |   Gear bag  |   Regulator  |   Computer   |   Compass  |   BCD  |   Wetsuit (3mm or 7mm)

The cost of the complete scuba diving rental gear package is $75.00 for the first day and $40.00 for each additional day.  You can also opt to rent the package for a weekly cost of $200.00.

For divers who own their own scuba diving gear that need tanks, we rent either aluminum 80 or aluminum 63 tanks for $10.00 per day or $50.00 per week. 

Please call Blue Mind Divers about the cost of individual scuba diving rental gear items.  

Blue Mind Divers  602-601-6114