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tom horn


What do you do for a living?

VP of Construction Risk Management

How did you get into diving?

I was in the Caribbean with my wife on vacation and I told her that I always wanted to try scuba diving, and it just happened the resort we were staying at had a try scuba, and my wife said go for it. So, I did! They even took us to the ocean for our first boat dive after our pool work and I was hooked after that. How could anyone not be hooked if their first diving experience happened in the Caribbean?

What is your favorite dive destination?

Caribbean (St Lucia).

What is your favorite marine life to dive with?

Sea lions & turtles.

What is your favorite part about teaching people how to scuba dive?

Seeing a new divers look on their face after they take their first breaths underwater. They come up with such a big smile on their face and the excitement they have to want to do more and become a scuba diver is my favorite part.